Jdigital participates in a conference on match-fixing and sports corruption for the Spanish National Police Department

5 May, 2022

Jdigital’s director general, Jorge Hinojosa, participated today in a series of conferences on match-fixing and sports corruption organized by the Training and Development Division of the Spanish National Police Department. The aim of these sessions is to contribute to the training of police officers from all over Spain who investigate in the field of sports corruption, sharing updated information on the reality of match-fixing in sports competitions and how to prevent and deal with this criminal practice.

According to Jorge Hinojosa, “Corruption in Sports benefits no one; it is a burden for operators, gamblers, athletes, clubs and competitions.” And added that “Education of sportsmen and women is key to preventing cases of match-fixing but, in the event that a case does occur, collaboration and cooperation among clubs, competitions, operators, law enforcement authorities and international betting integrity associations is essential to act quickly and effectively.”

Throughout the session, the CEO of Jdigital highlighted the commitment of the regulated online gaming industry with responsibility and with securing best practices in the sports betting segment. He also stressed the need to share information on the behavior and habits of online player accounts from which corrupt activities are perpetuated and to do it as soon as the fraudulent activity is detected. “In these cases, it is more important to know the IP of the account or the origin of the funds used, rather than the name of the user, as their identity might have been impersonated,” Hinojosa explained. In relation to these recommendations, Jdigital has recalled the strict regulations as well as security and control protocols that licensed online gambling operators comply with and which guarantee exhaustive monitoring of all operations that take place on their platforms.

Jdigital has incorporated in its presentation materials and information from IBIA, the International Betting Integrity Association, a global organization with which Jdigital has a cooperation agreement to ensure integrity in the sports betting segment. Through this partnership, both associations are working on projects aimed at promoting regulated betting markets, with a high level of consumer channelling and measures to protect the integrity of users, sports and operators.

Jdigital’s participation in the National Police Department conference is part of the association’s corporate social responsibility initiatives and is another example of the online gaming sector’s commitment to a safe, responsible, controlled practice of its activity.

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